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Flit (a brand of Summit PayCom) has helped several companies and large retail brands achieve business and financial process automation with superior business consulting and technology development. Trust Flit and flit from problems to solutions

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Our team of experts come with years of experience building has built businesses, improving processes, implementing automation and tech and founded ventures. 

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What our clients say

Flit helped us streamline several of our accounting, marketing and social media processes. In a single month, we saw a jump in profitability and traffic by over 242%. I highly recommend them

- Vimla, Apparel Brand Owner

Financial Review

How are your ratios and high level strategic financial processes? Are your cash and payment cycles well managed? Get this sort of analysis and recommendation in this project. 

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Accounting Review

How are your accounting processes? Are they geared up for you to focus on growth or are you bogged down by needless ops interventions? Get crystal clear understanding of accounting process in this project

Duration: 3-4 Weeks

Financial Systems

Do you have the right financial systems in place? Are they right for your business and its operations? Get the right financial tech and recommendations from this project


Duration 8-12 Weeks 

Financial Process Consulting

Do you have processes, teams and systems streamlined to ensure you have processes that help you run and grow your business with cash, investments and outcomes? This is the scope of this project

Duration: 12-18 Weeks 

Payment Automation

Do you still make payments via cheque? Do you still focus on banker relationships to run your payments? Then you are losing out a lot. In this project, we will implement payment automation that will make payments a breeze and safe

Duration: 12-18 Weeks

Collection Automation

Do you still collect money manually? Does this result in reconciliation headaches for you? Let us take a look at your processes and automate all your collection processes with little to no fee

Duration 12-18 Weeks

Financial Process Design

Whether you are a startup or a MSME or a corporation. If you are beginning something from the grounds up and want us to design your financial processes, this is where you start.

Duration: Custom and based on type of business


Have you chosen basic processes and wondering which SaaS software to choose and which ones not to. This is where you come to us. We will do a thorough review, recommendation and implementation from the grounds up

Duration: Custom and based on number of implementations

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“I am amazed at the depth of insight that I got from this team. Simple but powerful concepts and financial automation improved cashflow and profitability immensely. We paid off our outstanding overdraft which was being abused. Simply superb!”

Anitha Sampad

DRJ, Bullion Trade Busines

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